Saturday, April 25, 2009

Privacy vs internet mistaken identity

So I decided to create a Google Profile and verify my name for the profile. You'll notice that I mostly use it to point to my websites. That's because they contain information that I want to be public, such as my published music and published research.

My main reason for using this new Borg feature is that I'm not the only Ramsés Morales in this continent with an internet connection -- there are around 20 of us in Facebook. Some of the people sharing my name are nice and productive individuals; others, not so much -- e.g., one appears to have a profile in a file sharing website (annoying coincidence), another one seems to be a Mexican separatist (scary coincidence).

I'm hoping that by telling Google my websites, the probability of being mistaken with an idiot that shares my name will decrease.

...or maybe I'm just a little paranoid...

Release early and often...

Many bug fixes and new features in AVMON v0.4.1.

Lets all pretend that the previous releases don't exist. OK? :-p

Sunday, April 05, 2009


A new release of my large-scale distributed availability monitoring overlay is available. Please go to for code and more information. Just as a reminder, it is available as Free Software under the LGPL.

You'll notice that the CVS repository is not longer available. I decided to move to Git since I had already started feeling inadequate for not using a distributed scm, and SourceForge finally made Git available. By the way, Git is awesome -- I particularly love how it encourages you to create branches.