Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hack Panama?

For some weird reason, it is difficult for me to forget about the country I was born—perhaps the fact that I have family and childhood friends back in Panama explains it. As a consequence, I keep coming up with projects to quench my curiosity. The latest project is to start a website to keep track of news and ideas, happening in Panama or elsewhere, that somehow relate to Panamanian technology startups, and to build a community around it. Perhaps something similar in spirit to YCombinator's Hacker News. Hopefully this would be useful to Panamanian entrepreneurs, or to people looking to start technology companies in Panama.

Keep in mind that making connections—building a support network—and learning from eachother's mistakes is important to make it as a  technology entrepreneur. Because there are not many technology entrepreneurs in Panama (it is a finances/services country), your networking needs to propagate outside of Panama.

As I'm currently extremely busy in Silicon Valley, this is a project I would not like to tackle alone. If you are interested, please email me ... Lets see what happens.


Gareth Jones said...

I am not sure whether something on this scale is what you had in mind, but the Google News algorithm (or what I think that they are doing) is simple to explain (as I recall) and could be made to automatically search out and categorize content. However, the human touch would find the best content and any insight that you add would be beneficial.

Ramsés Morales said...

That's a good idea, it could make a decent way to filter and suggest news. But initially I wouldn't really like to have an automated news crawler, because some "news" aren't really going to be online.